Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Implementing Cisco Storage Networking Solutions

After a week of long days, between lecture and labs, I have learned a lot about SAN networking. The chasm between regular route/switch networking and SAN networking isn't that great. But, the terminology is different.

It's like learning a different language. After training your ear to hear the new language, you start to see similarities.

The primary things to remember is that most SANs are layer 2, you cannot allow a packet to be dropped, and you should always secure the connection between the initiator and the target. The rest is biscuits and gravy.

The major difference between the Cisco MDS family and switches and any competitor is that Cisco is the only one that uses VSANs. Everybody else requires separate fabric switches to partition traffic.

I will be studying for this test. Hopefully, passing it, in a couple of weeks.