Thursday, March 19, 2009

What to make of all the confusing information about Cisco UCS

There is a lot of information, and mis-information, about what Cisco's Unified Computing Solution is. And, to tell you the truth, I'm not so sure I know.

But, one thing is for sure - it has really stirred up the industry, and a wave of competing rebuttals has followed.

As Cisco continues to release more information, in the coming weeks, it will be more clear what UCS and how Cisco is going to change the data center.

Have you seen this Cisco video? Cisco Executives Speak on Unified Computing System

Huh! Yea, that answers everything!

Give it some time. Cisco will make sure that everybody understands what is happening.

What is interesting is that we were given Cisco's 'road map' for their Data Center 3.0 initiative. Unified Computing is step three. And, really, UCS is the piece that begins to pull together Cisco's strategy.As an IT professional, what should you be doing? Get acquainted with the technical aspects of Cisco's initiative. And, help your management understand the big picture of what Cisco is going to do to your data center.

Cisco is leading the charge into this new frontier. Partners like VMware are following. This is a huge shift in the market.

For instance, don't understand Cisco's Nexus 1000V virtual switch? You are not alone. In fact, it requires VMware ESX 4.0, which hasn't been released, yet!

Want to know more about the 1000V? Brad Hedlund has an excellent article on his blog that helps to clear some of the fog.

If that's not enough information, it's time to start asking questions. Start networking with your local VMware User Group. For instance, the VMUG on April 1st in Houston will have a Nexus 1000V demonstration.

If you don't have a VMUG in your area, start one. They are an excellent source of information exchange, education, and social networking.

And remember: It's not important that you always know the answer, but you should know where to get the answer!

Network! Use Twitter and monitor hashes like #unifiedcomputing, #ucs, and #vmware. These are excellent sources of information.